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“it is absurd to have a hard and fast rule about what one should read and what one shouldn’t. More than half of modern culture depends on what one shouldn’t read.” – O.Wilde

As of late, I don’t feel as though I’ve actually accomplished anything terribly significant. In order to fill this void of my vanity, I’ve decided to sign up for a triathlon that will take place in September—a foreshortened triathlon.

Consequently, I must eat healthily, breathe healthily, and exercise regularly. I dusted off my “4 hour body” book and skimmed the ways of Tim Ferriss. The health diet is quite manageable—something not too far off from the one I’m accustom to anyway which involves plenty of protein and vegetables. The white carbs I can do without since I don’t crave them really, except for pepperoni and jalapeno pizza. I don’t have a sweet tooth, so that’s OK too. I need to focus on regular exercise, especially something as mundane as swimming. Well, I have no choice if I want to pass this race.

Mache greents, grass fed skirt steak, and beets from my backyard

grass fed skirt steak, broccolini, and two hard boiled eggs

I developed an interest in Muay Thai, so I started training for that recently. Three classes so far and very bruised shins. I’m hoping I’ll become stronger soon because it stings so much whenever I tap the punching bag with my shin. My punches are still wussy-like, but I have hope.

My restaurant concept is coming along, albeit slowly. Very slowly. Like a turtle with two legs and thorns in each paw.

My brother got me into reddit today, so I’ve become a big fan.

A month ago, my friend gave me another chance to draw something for his art exhibit, so naturally, I waited until the last week before it’s due to work on it.

I wish the political fuss over gay marriage would end. We spend eons restricting those who want to and should be treated equally, but we can’t afford a second more to bring justice to monsters who have created financial ruin for many people in the world. Priorities are so screwed up.

Really uninteresting updates, but updates they are. Sweet dreams to planet Earth and all the other planets in the universe.


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