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Wheatgrass – Day 3

Monday, January 9th, 2012

A friend inspired me to grow wheatgrass because A.) wheatgrass juice is nutritious for you and B.) It’s cheaper than buying wheatgrass juice or tray elsewhere.

Therefore, I bought a book about wheatgrass, which didn’t give a thorough explanation on the growing process, but definitely detailed  the health benefits (according to the table of contents).  Most of my research was done through the internet, including youtube.

I want to share this process in case you’re interested in doing it too.  I’ve already made a few mistakes, which i’ve noted below.

1. organic red hard wheatgrass seeds
2. (10) 11 x 21 black trays (5) for growing (5) for lidding
3. Organic Potting Mix (good mix of peat moss, perlite, and soil)
4. spay bottle
5. liquid seaweed fertilizer (supposedly one of the most beneficial for plants.  see why here)
6. (2 sprouters) I bought an economical Easy Sprout sprouter.  Should have bought two because I crammed too much in one.

1. soak seeds for 12 hours
2. (repeat for 2 days) rinse and let sit dry.  I think I let the sprouts grow too much AND I packed too many sprouts into one container (the instructions say you can put as many seeds as you want in it, but i’d recommend filling 2/3 full max), so one day should have been sufficient.  I’m not sure how long the sprouts are supposed to be exactly, but mine were thickly intertwined with one another, so I had to use some hard effort to separate the seeds.
3. put soil into the tray and spray with water/fertilizer mix in every layer.  Layer until 1/2″ thick of soil in tray.  I added the soil in two layers to ensure each one got equal water treatment
4. sprinkle sprouted seeds on top of soil.  I think I put too many seeds (see picture).  My book and many websites suggests to spread the seeds thinly which will result in a less dense crop of wheat grass, but will reduce the chances of mold.  2 of the 4 trays I planted are less densely packed with seeds.
5.  Cover with another planter box.  Water twice daily (morning, night).  Ensure enough air circulation to prevent mold.  I will watch the sprouts carefully since I’m allergic to mold.  I have a fan ready in case I see some.  Mold loves the nutrients in soil and warm moist areas and so does wheatgrass, unfortunately. There are numerous ways to curb mold, which you can find on the net.  CROSSING MY FINGERS!

Will update with more pictures each day.

Densely packed sprouts

Rack w/ covered wheatgrass trays. Websites will try to sell you PVC piping. I'd just buy a cheap rack somewhere.


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