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It’s only fair that I come down with stomach flu after 1 month of gluttony

Monday, October 3rd, 2011


Pork on grill

Pork on platter

Spicy soup at the same pork restaurant

Pork in soup

Tonchin- the best pork ramen in Tokyo until I have better

Pork ramen @ Tonchin

Dessert at Westin

I made a crane/pterodactyl and then it landed on my tea cup

Was given a yukata for the wonderfest 2011 and thus expressed my gratitude

Yuzu ramen


Shabu Shabu style (“swish swish” wagyu in broth)

Wagyu for sukiyai

A bit of heaven in the form of wagyu and japanese veggies + eggs

Dip the meat in the egg, then eat

The shabushabu peeps

Greedy monster

Tastiest salad dressing at Jojoen

Beef tongue at Jojoen

Wagyu at Jojoen

Cooked wagyu @ jojoen

Cold noodles @ Jojoen

Almond dessert at Jojoen

Pyramid-shaped watermelon.  Oh, those Japanese people.  They make everything cooler.

Dinosaur watermelon egg

Restaurant at the Roppongi Mall.  Entire meal here customized. Hosted by our friend, O. Corn cube.

Restaurant at the Roppongi Mall.  Pea katsu

Restaurant at the Roppongi Mall.  Curry Udon

A5 Wagyu Beef Bowl.  Our friend new we loved Yoshinoya, so he asked the Chef to make us a special version.  Thus, the Chef took his team to Yoshinoya for R&D and returned with something better.

Real green tea shaved ice, red bean, and mochi boobies.

Chocolate Naan at the indian restaurant next to Goodsmile Cafe

Cheese naan.  The Japanese make everything better.

Friend’s Chinese restaurant

Almond dofu dessert

Our friend flew us one hour, and drove another 30 minutes to share his favorite ramen restaurant in Takamatsu. homemade tofu

Our friend flew us one hour, and drove another 30 minutes to share his favorite ramen restaurant in Takamatsu. homemade tofu


$3 udon breakfast in takamatsu

Kimchi Ramen

Apple pie dessert with a lump of raspberry sorbet

not-so-tasty xiao long baos in roppongi


Spicy ramen

Friend’s new toy.  Electric bike seat thingy

spicy ramen with dipping sauce


octopus legs

sake, a lot of sake that night

salad with roasted garlic







udon shabu-shabu

In goes the broth

Noodles n then some


udon, shabu-shabu style

Almost forgot. We were given an option to cook the shrimp live in the boiling broth, so we opted in.

Even the manhole covers are better in Japan

A friend said he’d take us to get shaved ice… I didn’t know he meant legitimate, real-green tea and red bean topped with vanilla ice-cream shaved ice

The best udon in Tokyo at Zen (mushroom dipping broth)

Fresh udon

Pork udon at Zen

Our friends turned us into cartoons.

I took a regular blood test when I returned from Tokyo and thus discovered all my lipids are high, especially triglycerides.  Consequently, I’m on a mission to eat like a normal person.. maybe a normal European person vs. American since the diets are drastically different on the average.

I love Tokyo.  If I weren’t living here, I’d live in Tokyo.


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